#8Weekgame – Voting is Open!

Well after 8week’s the contestants have finished their games, play tested, sweated and sworn and cursed to get this far. They have done such an amazing job all of them, and I wish them all the very best of luck.

Voting will open on the 11th February and will finish 11.59pm 25th February. So I know you are itching to play these games, so here they are:

  1. Shaw Young – The Distant Future – This is a browser based game that runs elegantly in Firefox and Chrome.
  2. Peter Lamb – Uprising – This is a PC game and will require you to install the game and various DLL’s if you need them.
  3. Andrew Carmichael – The Beast Hunter – Another browser based game that works best in Firefox.
  4. Charlie Walters – Island of Aeris – Again another browser game that excels in IE10 and Firefox (NOT Chrome though)
  5. Charles Humphrey – Road Rumble –  Like Uprising, this is a PC game that will require an install.

To vote:

  • Play all the games. Give them all a good go as the guys have spent a considerable amount of time and effort into them. A couple of them have a high difficulty curve to begin with, but persevere and you will get hours of enjoyment and find your favourite. Only then move onto the next step……
  • If you haven’t already you will need to ‘Like’ our Facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/8weekgame
  • The Facebook Question will be on the page. Vote for your favourite game.


The Distant Future – You can use create separate teams by dragging the boxes with your player names on them to the rectangle below. This is quite handy in certain scenarios….

Road Rumble – When you first start up hit the “M” key to get the Map up. This is invaluable. You may find you die quite quickly – don’t despair, press the “H” key to request a Helicopter to come to your aid and repair you. Remember also, “G” is for firing your Gun and “R” is for Rockets.

The Beast Hunter – There is a feature whereby you need to hit Start twice at the beginning of the game to have all 14 of your sheep start the game.

Uprising – My only tip is to be patient with this game. It is very clever and sometimes you feel you are in a maze you will never get out of, but that’s the beauty of this game, it keeps giving.

Island of Aeris – Remember to press “ctrl” to grab hold of the vines! I was constantly falling because of this!

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